Amazing Office Spaces We’d All Love to Work In

Those of us working in offices know the routine of open spaces and gathering around the coffee machine. Most organisations have a rather classic approach to office spaces and are focusing on the functional aspect rather than the aesthetics. But having a nice layout plays an important part in our productivity at work. Without being all Feng Shui about it, there are many companies who have opted for amazing spaces, combining eye-pleasing designs and great functionalities for employees. Here are a few that we particularly like. 

Airbnb (San Francisco) 

Airbnb has revolutionised the way we travel and book accommodation for our trips, and their San Francisco HQs pays homage to that with workspaces resembling camping tents – what a fun and cosy place to have a team meeting or get some work done! 

The main feature though is the central space, a huge hall that lets in plenty of natural light and has large table and steps where co-workers can gather on their break or at lunch. A stunning wall of greenery features in the space and adds a splash of colour as well as improving interior air quality. We know plants can be a great way to improve a workspace atmosphere and making it part of the building design is pretty smart, if you ask us! 

Pearlfisher (London) 

This office design was technically a temporary event, but it was too fun not to include in our list. Pearlfisher in London transformed their space in a giant ball pool with over 81,000 white balls. This interactive art installation took place over the winter and was inspired by snow. Visitors were then encouraged to dive in the ball pool and play about – play has an important role in creativity, so this immersive experience was a roaring success in the London design agency. 

Amazon (Seattle) 

The corporate headquarters of Amazon, located in Seattle, were recently updated to include more work and lounge, and the result looks pretty amazing. The company is looking to be a true part of the local community and featured outdoor spaces including spheres where teams can step out of their desks and think more creatively as they are surrounded by nature. 

There are plenty of alternative workspaces options, an outdoor terrace and even a marketplace and food venues for employees to relax at lunch. The complex has been thought to bring some vitality and an urban feeling the workplace while encouraging employees to think outside the box. 

LinkedIn (San Francisco) 

Another office space in San Francisco, the LinkedIn offices have been entirely designed by Interior Architects who designed their New York offices too. The building includes many amenities for employees, including a rooftop lounge, cafés and juice bars, and even a fitness centre! Every floor has a central hub that can accommodate different work modes and some walls are even moveable to allow for greater space flexibility.  

Alongside workspaces, employees are encouraged to connect and get closer with plenty of special spaces such as a library, an arts room and multiple game rooms. Given that LinkedIn is all about getting people to connect and cultivate relationships, the design of their offices is a great reflection of what the company does. 

Choosing only a few offices for this article has been tough! Many large organisation – particularly tech giants – rival in creativity to promote increased productivity and well-being at work. What other offices could we include to this list?  

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