The Importance of Design within Marketing

Having good design helps draw more attention to your marketing due to it being more eye-catching and appealing, thus improving the quality of your image.


Establishes Brand Identity, Look and Feel

When you think of the most memorable and popular brands the first thing that pops into your head is the logo, but this isn’t something that these brands have just luckily generated: a lot of detail and developing goes into making the perfect logo for a particular brand. Many psychological studies have deeply dived in to find out how people perceive different colours and fonts as well as how well it conveys the quality or message of the brand. Certain colours can create different moods when gazed upon – some colours can create happiness or sadness, some increase appetite and others give off a sense of warmth or coolness. Some specific colours such as black, gold or silver, are perceived as elegant, giving the potential customer a sense that the product in front of them is high-end or good quality.

Similarly to colour, the font is equally as important and it’s of great help when trying to portray a message or when generate a mood. When developing the perfect font for your brand, selecting the appropriate typeface, size and style is crucial for your brand identity. 

Design Drives Conversions

Many people forget how impactful design within marketing is. What section draws the user’s attention? What emotions do the layout, colours, photographs give off? Does one area standout or highlight itself over everything else? A good piece of design can take an already great pitch idea and completely blow it out of the park.

What you need to know about brand design

Before jumping in and starting or changing your design goals for your company, there are a few things you should know that will allow you to get the most out of your investment. 

Good Design Takes Time

As previously described, you should know that good designs don’t really just happen by luck. It takes hours of in-depth research and requires your designs to suit the target market your aiming to approach.

You Get What You Pay For

Design isn’t something anyone can do. Investing in a good designer is the more expensive option, however it rarely goes a miss and can be extremely beneficial. An experienced designer will look into your brand and develop the best options and routes to go down as well as perform in-depth research on the target market and discover the best ways to create/alter your design idea.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Your target audience should be your most important piece of inspiration. Everything you do should be created around the needs of your consumers: you want to use themes, colours, fonts and imagery that will appeal to them whilst supporting your brand message. Ask yourself, what do you want your customers to feel when they purchase your products or use your services? How can you make them feel that with your brand design? 

You’ll Have To Be Consistent

Customers remember brands that keep their values and image consistent throughout their history. Yes, your logo could change with time, but the essence must remain the same. Think about big brands like Cocacola, Google or Nike: they have managed to link their brands with the values they represent (family and happiness, technological innovation, dynamism and courage), so now every time customers find their logo, they don’t just remember the name of the brand, but how it makes them feel. That can only be achieved by keeping your company’s values at the core of everything you do, and keep your design and logo in all of it. 

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